The Value of Gold Prospecting
Gold prospecting is defined as the process of looking for new locations that contain gold deposits. Gold prospecting is arguably the most important process for a successful gold mining company. Finding new locations that potentially offer sizable deposits of gold is absolutely essential for a company to remain successful, and companies often dedicate a large portion of available resources to gold prospecting.
Gold prospecting revolves around successful identification of geological traits that often accompany the presence of a gold deposit. Some common gold prospecting methods based on identifying geological abnormalities include:
  • Examining mineral vein exposure
  • Identifying hydrothermal alteration
  • Examining surface rock formations
  • Locating rock types that often are present in gold deposits
Gold mining companies often employ specialized tools that make it possible to analyze and assess an area efficiently in a reduced time frame. This added efficiency allows companies to locate and acquire potential high yield gold sites relatively quickly.
Gold Prospecting in North America
North America has historically produced a large number of gold mines and it is believed that many more large deposits of gold are still waiting to be discovered. Deposits have been located in geographically diverse locations all over Canada, the United States and Mexico.
In addition to rich gold history, North America continues to be a very promising area for gold prospecting due to politically stable environments. Gold mining has been an important part of these economies for many years and continues to be supported by the citizens. These mining friendly areas ensure projects can be completed with minimal security issues and this significantly lowers overall costs.
Gold Mining in Oregon
As recently as two decades ago, Oregon was a hotbed of gold prospecting and mining activity. Oregon was originally recognized as a significant gold producing state back when the famous gold rush was happening in California. A large number of gold claims continued throughout Oregon up until the late 20th century when more restrictive gold mining laws were implemented. These laws made the gold mining industry much less lucrative in the area and severely hampered local economies. A state known for having one of the most storied gold mining histories in the world became economically devastated as businesses closed and people left.
With the price of gold now reaching record heights, gold mining companies are looking at Oregon once again because of its vast untapped potential. Oregon has already provided exciting speculation that the gold potential that fueled the previous local gold rush still exists with the recent discovery of new sizable deposits. Gold mining companies are attempting to expand land positions in order to take advantage.
The citizens of Oregon are especially supportive of the renewal of interest by gold mining companies. Many local families have generations with history in the gold mining industry. Communities welcome the arrival of these new gold mining projects because of the jobs they create and the immediate injection of money they bring to the economy. With continued discoveries of high potential sites, Oregon promises to regain some of the economic stability it once enjoyed as a result of the gold mining industry. The strong price of gold has directly led to Oregon once again being open for business.
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Gold mining in Oregon created industry, as well as taking its toll on the environment. Fortunately mining regulations not a deterrent to reputable companies
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